Carlo Fernandes is an Australian Photographer currently based in Sydney. 

During his early years in photography, Carlo completed extensive work experiences in his hometown of Perth, which helped define his distinct style and aesthetic and enabled him to discover his niche as a beauty and fashion photographer. 

Carlo not only produces beautiful images, but even more so, he encapsulates moments through his lens. He possesses an innate ability to bring photos to life through his subject composition, showcasing his eye for great detail and his interest in lines and movement in every photo he takes. 

Over the course of his career, Carlo has won international awards for his photography. His signature bold, clean style can be seen consistently throughout his body of work and his aesthetic’s evolution throughout the years has pushed this distinction even further, creating an extensive portfolio that is recognizably his. 

Carlo is available for bookings worldwide.

M: +614 2235 3365



Ig: @_carlofernandes